My First Choker Necklace is a Hit

I am not really the type of person to wear jewelry, but every now and again I will see a piece that is just really nice. Even then, it is rare when I will go out and buy it because I just don’t have anyplace I go to where I want to dress up, including jewelry. On those rare occasions where I do buy a piece, it is usually because my husband tells me that he really likes something. When I saw some choker necklaces on an advertisement, I instantly fell in love with how they look.

Even though I have never worn anything like that in the past, I still wanted to get more information on it because I just loved how delicate and nice it looked. That is one of my problems with jewelry, I don’t like how big and gaudy a lot of it is. I don’t even wear earrings because I am just on the conservative side and would only wear studs if I did. With my hair, it would be all but impossible to even see them. The choker that I saw was very delicate and absolutely gorgeous, and I knew that I was going to get one, even if I only wore it at home with my husband.

I had a feeling he would appreciate the choker I picked out because it has a touch of sweet with a dangling pearl, a touch of sophistication with a small diamond, and a touch of wild with the choker that is black leather. The best part is that I did not spend a fortune on it since I got it from a website that has a lot of different chokers with diamonds and pearls at extremely affordable prices. When my husband first saw me in it, his reaction was even better than I could have hoped for!

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