Finding The Perfect Swimwear


Regardless of how nice your body may actually be, chances are you are petrified of other people seeing you in a swimwear. You might have even been so nervous that you may not even own one. The fact is women actually hate shopping for swimsuits because they scrutinize their own bodies, and this is something that a lot of women are experiencing.

Fortunately, help is just around as designers are creating swimsuits with the different body types that women have in mind. And it is because of this concept, why we can say that there is such a thing as the ?perfect? swimwear.

When you are looking to purchase a new suit, there are a couple of helpful hints that you should keep in mind. If you want to conceal your tummy, then you should look for a suit that flatters and firms. Shirring, color blocking, asymmetrical patterns and surplice suits can take good care of the mid section. A monokini, or a one piece garment that covers the bottom half, along with a top, is another option that can provide a slimming illusion.

If you are a woman that has a full bust, there are many suits ? both one piece and two piece design ? that come in D-F cup sizes. These suits offer coverage and support and are very much in style. Retailers have realized that there are numerous women out there that are full busted who want a great looking swimwear that provides support and attractive at the same time. You can usually find them with or without wires, as well as a tummy control if you prefer.

There are also a lot of swimsuits ? both one piece and bikini styles ? that are available and provides cleavage and fullness to those with a smaller bust. Try to look for suits that come with push up cups or pads inside. Shirring across the bust is also ideal as well as embellishments on the upper area can also add some fullness. Ruffles or a big and busy design also adds emphasis to that specific area.

For those who have thighs that are slightly bigger that they would like, try finding a swimwear that takes attention away from that area. Skirted tankinis and swimdress suits or boy short suits are great options in this case.

There are also those who may have hip problems, or what you would call a ?hippy? girl, should find suits that compliments the leg. A suit that is cut up higher on the leg will actually make your hips look smaller because of the steep angle. Finding a swimsuit that has an interesting design or pattern across the top will also take eyes away from the hip area.

If you have a long torso, tankinis and a two piece swimwear is perfect for you. This is because it emphasizes the waist and deemphasizes the length of your torso.

Some ?fashionistas? may not agree with the tips that are mentioned above, but there is one thing that they will all agree on: that everybody is different, and that you need to find what you think compliments you the most ? and, most importantly, what makes you feel comfortable.

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