Male Underwear – Different Styles To Suit Different Tastes.


There is a wide variety of male underwear available in the market to suit every taste. After all underwear is a matter of personal comfort and there can not be any compromise on that front! Let us take a quick tour through all the different types of male underwear that are in vogue these days.

For the athletic types, Jockstraps are the best option. They provide supreme support and are minimalist in style. Some of them have a narrow waistbands and low rise to provide the feeling of full freedom with secured support.

The most popular form of male underwear is undoubtedly the boxer briefs. They provide all the confidence of tight briefs by fitting snugly around the private parts while providing modesty and coverage up to thighs. Many athletes prefer to wear them under their tracksuits while most of the office goers prefer to wear it throughout their working days. Boxer briefs are available in bright colors and robust designs and various designs. Also available are boxer briefs with fully functional flies.

Boxer shorts are still popular and they have weathered the vagaries of international fashion for over six decades and are still going strong. This type of male underwear is a sure winner among men who prefer the loose and billowy type which is a unique quality of the boxer shorts.

The athletic type of men needs underwear which will not only fit snugly but also give ample protection from unwarranted injury from play or practice. This type of
high action men usually go for jockstraps which provide absolute security with minimum obstruction in the movement of legs. Some others place a premium on modesty and prefer boxer briefs. Some others opt for trunks. There is a type of male underwear which specifically caters to sportsmen. These are known compression shorts.

Male underwear takes on a sexy hue when it is made from silk. It can be either of the shiny finish or may also have the matte style. Riotous colors and bright prints add up to the sex appeal.

For those males who really want to spice up their nights and have really good time, the sexiest underwears would be thongs or g-strings. Generally these two terms are used interchangeably but there is a great deal of difference between the two. Thongs have more cloth at the back while g-strings have only a string in that place. Women really love these bold and bright pieces of cloth and the studs really find that these underwears really charge them up!

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