Buy Winter Coats That Flatter Your Figure


The purchase of a winter coat is not a casual one. It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the plethora of choices available in stores. More often than not, boring colors and unflattering cuts are chosen when people buy winter coats.

The length of a coat is important when you’re looking for flattering winter wear. Generally, a winter coat should be no more than 2 inches shorter than your skirt if you’re the type to wear skirts in cold weather. For most people, a coat that ends at the knee or slightly above it makes for a flattering appearance. A mistake would be to get a coat that ends more than 2 inches below the knee as it makes the wearer look dumpy and bulky.

You must be aware that not all women are shaped from the same mould. What works for your friend may not look so good on you when you buy winter coats. Be honest with yourself and the shape you have. If you’re pear-shaped, an A-line cut would suit you best. On the other hand, curvy women look their best in winter coats that are belted to show off their figure. If you have a generous figure, a long, “dressing-gown” coat is very flattering. A double-breasted pea coat with crisscrossed lapels minimizes generous curves

Color is one of the things you can play around with when shopping for flattering winter wear too. Don’t forget to make sure that whatever coat, color or cut you select is the right size for you. It pays to try on the coat before buying it to make sure it will fit over bulky clothes without stretching or pulling under the arms. You should be able to sit down in the coat as well as do up its buttons easily. The sleeves should always end below the wrist bone, or even extend halfway up the back of your hand while the collar should sit neatly flat.

As you can see, buying a new winter coat is no child’s play. A few extra minutes of effort can set you up for a lifetime of comfortable winter wear.

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