Diamond and Aquamarine Gemstones

Do you have a sparkling jewelry piece and you’re simply confused should the gemstone linked to it is surely an icy, faint aquamarine or perhaps a diamond? No doubt, it’s hard to tell between aquamarine and diamond by seeing these with a human eye. However, you’ll find factors which make both the dazzling gemstones change from each other. Read this article and know about the two gemstones at length.

How are Diamonds and Aquamarine Similar?

Everyone knows diamonds certainly are a girl’s closest friend, and another of by far the most highly desired gemstones. It is popular for amazing clarity, and sparkling luster that captures everyone’s attention. The same goes for for aquamarine, the glittering part of the beryl family. Like emerald (another an associate beryl family) light aquamarine gemstone is recognized for its excellent clarity and vitreous luster. Just like diamond, light aquamarine is specially well-suited for brilliant cuts. In addition, the favorable hardness of aquamarine (7.5 to 8 around the Mohs scale) causes it to become an ideal selection for jewelry.

The Differences between Diamond and Aquamarine

There are various factors which make Diamond and aquamarine gemstones change from each other. First of all, diamond would be the April birthstone and aquamarine would be the birthstone with the month of March. Secondly, if the gems are evaluated through the 4C’s grading system perspective, then:

Color: The best quality diamonds display an entire lack of color. They are ranked alphabetically, D through Z, with D being the purest of gemstones. However, colour of beryl close relatives like Espirito Santo aquamarine or Santa Maria aquamarine ranges from pale to light-blue, dark-blue, blue-green and green-blue. The value of this particular gemstone increases together with the increment inside saturation level of colour.
Cut: A cut determines the diamond’s brilliance and sparkle. The most prevalent cut may be the brilliant cut, a facet thats liable to bring the most fire inside the stone. However, as with all other part of beryl family, aquamarine is best suited for rectangular or square-cut. It is also present in common shapes, for instance round, oval, cushion and pear.
Clarity: In terms of clarity, diamond stands unparalleled. Diamonds are classified per the inclusions or impurities in a stone. The aquamarine is surely an eye-clean and transparent gemstone. However, it carries inclusions of long, hollow rods, a trademark on the beryl family.
Carat Weight: Diamonds are evaluated from the carat weight, whereas aquamarine as being a colored gemstone is evaluated by clarity, color, purity and size. The colored stones vary with size to weight ratio.

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