Some Gifts for My Mom

I wanted to get my mom a nice gift just because I love her so much. She gets gifts on Mother’s Day, on her birthday, and at Christmas, but she is deserving of so much more than that. I like to just surprise her at random times throughout the year so she knows she is appreciated all year long. I was looking at a reversible sequin pillow on a website, and I realized that the same pillows would look nice on her couch. I know her style as well as I know my own, and I knew she would love the pillows.

I wanted to do more than just that though after looking at the website. There are so many different products that they personalize and customize on this site, and I decided to do up a gift basket that she would really like. The basket is going to be pretty big because it will have the two sequin pillows in it along with a few other things that I picked from this site. My mom only has two granddaughters, both courtesy of my sister. She loves those girls with all her heart, so I knew that I had to get something with them on it.

I looked at the different things offered on the site, and I finally decided to get her a puzzle with one of her favorite pictures of the girls on it. They visit at least once a week, and I knew the three of them would have fun building it together. I also got her a nice bag that has pink sequins on it along with her name. She loves going to the library, and I just know that she will like this as a book tote. I am going to get her some flowers to go with this gift basket too!

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